Call of Duty Mobile Update to Bring Rambo, Die Hard Heroes to Game on May 20

Call of Duty Mobile is set to get a new event, which will bring some of the most enduring action movie heroes to the game. Next week, on May 20, the official Call of Duty handle has announced that the game will get heroes from action movies from the 1980s within the game, even though it isn’t clear as to exactly what role would these characters feature as. Among the ones highlighted are the iconic John McClane of the Die Hard franchise, played by Bruce Willis, and John James Rambo of the Rambo franchise, played by Sylvester Stallone. Other cult action heroes from the 1980s’ movies may also join the roster, but that isn’t quite clear yet.

Interestingly, the Call of Duty Mobile announcement graphic also tips that the characters will also feature in Warzone, the PC and console battle royale and multiplayer game from Activision, and also its latest AAA title, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War. With the latter also giving considerable focus on the 1980s, it will be interesting to see if Activision ties in these characters into a short duration special story line within the game. In Warzone, the ‘80s action heroes event comes right after it added the Verdansk (1984) game map. The latter is based on the throws of simmering nuclear warfare tensions around the world, which was also prevalent during the 1980s.

Call of Duty Mobile has retained its overall popularity ever since its launch, when PUBG Mobile was very much legal to play in India. Back then, we had observed how it feels like a better overall game, but PUBG Mobile’s robust gaming event organisations, events and general popularity meant that the fanbase was divided between the two. In September 2020, the Indian central government banned PUBG Mobile, leaving titles like Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire by Garena to take over the battle royale demand. Now, Krafton is staging a comeback, with Battlegrounds Mobile India (the India-specific version of PUBG Mobile) set to be open for preorders from May 18.

The Call of Duty Mobile ‘80s Action Heroes event starts on May 20, and excited gamers can access it by downloading the update from both the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store, on or after that day. It is not clear as to how exact would the heroes be involved, whether they’d bring new weapons as well, or for how long would they feature in the game.