Woman called Siri writes to Apple CEO asking for free laptop after ‘years of jokes’

A woman named Siri has written to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking if she could have a free computer – explaining that he owed her one after years of jokes about her name.

Siri Hafso said that until 2011 she loved her name, as she would be complimented on how unique it was and she would watch people struggle to pronounce it after reading it for the first time.

But all that changed when Apple introduced their digital assistant and named it Siri, and since then Siri has had the most common name in the world.

She’s also had to endure years of jokes and now she feels she is owed something in return, so has written to the California based company to ask for a free computer.

The letter, which Siri shared on TikTok, reads: “Hello Tim, I’ll get right to it – I have a favour to ask. You see my name is Siri.

“Yes, Siri. And up until 2011, I was the kid who could never find their name on a keychain at the souvenir shop.

“I was the teen who knew when the nurses were about to call me because they would look at the clipboard in confusion not knowing how to pronounce my name. I was the young adult who was always told ‘you’re name is so beautiful and unique!’

“I think you can see where this is going.”

The rest of the letter is obscured, but on the TikTok video Siri explains how she has had to endure years of jokes about her name, and she is hoping Apple will give her a computer for her 30th birthday as that’s her ‘only wish’.

The text overlay on the video reads: “I wrote an email to the CEO of Apple asking for a computer because I feel like they owe me after enduring years of Siri jokes.

“I turn 30 next month and I don’t have one, this is my only wish, please help me get in touch TikTok.”

The video, uploaded on Thursday, May 20, has already received 17k likes and a multitude of comments.

One TikTok user, SuperJake, said: “Honestly you deserve it. Imagine hearing people yell your name and then barking orders at you.”

Another user, named Alexa, replied: “As an Alexa I totally feel your pain. ‘Alexa turn on the lights’, ‘Alexa what’s the weather ‘, it never ends.”

And another added: “Just imagine hearing ‘hey Siri’ just to see someone talking to their phone.”