Man left in hysterics after claiming he suffered tanning fail after falling alseep on beach

As restrictions slowly ease, many of us are tentatively dreaming about travelling abroad.

After being stuck at home for so long, with rubbish weather, a sunny beach seems like the ultimate dream.

But one man’s viral video has reminded us of the importance of sun cream.

Nick Murray went viral on TikTok for sharing his epic tanning fail – but it’s not quite what you think.

Nick, 20, lives in Mexico with his girlfriend and their pals.

As a result, the content creator had woken up to some hilarious tan lines across his face that looked exactly like a white mask.

However, everything is not quite as it seems – as Nick had actually used a filter to fool his followers into thinking he was left with the embarrassing tan lines.

And the stunt left TikTok users confused, racking up over 214,100 likes and over 1.4 million views.

People flocked to comment on the video too, although not everyone was convinced it was real.

One person wrote: “Well heck. Also, why are you wearing a mask at the beach, and also that looks like a filter.”

“Nah… that’s makeup,” another person said.

“It’s a filter, totally see the lines move,” one TikTok user added.

Others were confused as to why Nick was even wearing a mask on the beach in the first place.

“Question is… why are you wearing a mask on the beach? You’re outside,” another person wrote.

Another person added: “Wearing a mask at the beach? This was deserved.”

Nick confirmed he used a mask filter as a joke and did not have any tan lines on his face.

“I’m currently just out here living in a TikTok house with other creators and yes it is a filter,” Nick said.

“I thought the reaction online was funny but that’s what it’s all about!”