From box-dye blond to cute-ugly: this week’s fashion trends

Clairol blond David Hockney’s specific shade of ash was inspired by box dye, according to Charlie Porter’s revelatory book What Artists Wear.

Crying Dawson The original gif – in which Dawson of Creek fame weeps about Joey – is 10 years old. Still iconic.

Museum merch From Worcester Art Museum shop’s kimono clips to the Natural History Museum x Finisterre shorts, let’s call them souvenirs of May’s cultural reopening.

Prairie-leisure Liberty’s floral prints, but make it athleisure. Two of the biggest 2021 trends together at last.

Cute-ugly How Tracee Ellis Ross describes her Tabi boots, and frankly our moodboard for summer dressing.

Going down
Pub coats If you’re planning some outdoor socialising, It blankets have a more summery feel. Plus, you probably have one on the back of your sofa.

Vowels Forget Abrdn. Fashion label Vetements may rebrand as VTMNTS and designer Charlotte Knowles has switched to KNWLS. Why nt?

Post-pandemic puppy syndrome Forget the kids. Dogs who’ve got used to having their owners around are suffering from separation anxiety.

Pixel cut The haircut that exists only on your Pinterest board. (Ours? Kate Fleming’s crop.)